Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raquel's scribepost for October 12th

Today, in math class we had to solve some questions. (By the way, I'm going to be taking pictures instead of drawing it on paint and typing how to solve it cause, I think it's easier to take pictures so yeah. )
Such as:

Yeah, those are the questions in the beginning of the class. ( If you can't see the picture, GET GLASSES. just kidding. just click it to make it really large. (: )

Then, Mr.Backe taught us how to find this triangular roof. This is how you solve it:

We did a similar question which looks like:

That's pretty much it on what we did for today's math class. :)

You have to solve these shapes:

( Remember to click the pictures if you can't see it!!! )
Mr.Backe is also collecting the foldables and the journals tomorrow. So make sure your done it all.!!!!!!
I pick .................. KATHLEEN MAULA FOR NEXT SRIBEPOST. Love you Kathleen. :) Hope you have fun . Bwuahahahhaha.


  1. Nice explanation on everything. Very well done and the pictures looks very nice. I don't think there's any mistakes. Anyways, THANKS FOR PICKING ME RAQUEL. love you too :)