Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Krystal`s Scribe post for October 19 Post.

Today in class, Mr.Backe gave us 7 questions to answer. He gave us time to work on each individual question. The questions were about grouping numbers, putting numbers in order, decimals, fractions and the representation of math signs.

Question 1: I didn`t get a chance to write this question down.


Question 2: Write the following in ascending order : 6/7, 0.8, 0.666..., 13/14
Answer: 6/7 = 0.857. 13/14=0.928.
0.666, 0.8, 0.857, 0.928

Question 3: Name a rational number that is not an integer.
Answer: 1.5 , 2/10 , 0.2, 1/5 . There were many other answer. I just chose 4 random ones just to show.

Question 4: For this question, we were given 2 points on a number line. We had to determine the number it was at.
Answer : 3.3(blue) 5.5(black) Estimates.

Question 5: 0.625 < ?/8. Which number will make this statement true?
Answer: 6,7,8,9,10,11,ect. Nothing below 6.

Question 6: Number 6 belongs to which group(s) of numbers?
Answer: Natural numbers, Irrational numbers, Whole numbers, Integers, and Rationals.(not really sure if that`s right)

Question 7: Name a rational number equivalent to 5/25
Answer: 5

Todays homework is :
Textbook 2.1. The whole chapter.
Workbook 2.1. The whole chapter.
Extra Practice 2.1
Self Evaluation : Only the first column

Sorry it`s really late !!

The next person I pick for a post is ..... PAULO !


  1. Good scribe post. But I suggest that you should've have more colour in your scibepost and you could've draw pictures to show an example of what we did like question 4 with the number lines. For question 7, that was question 1. Oh, and you should've showed the part where Mr.Backe taught us how to change the decimal into a fraction. All in all, I think your post was good. :)