Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deniel's Scribe post for September 29th

Hey guys so today in class Day 5 Period 5, Mr. Baké told us a question that everyone was struggling with so here is the question:

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

What is the difference between an oblique and a diagonal?

So here's my solution on how i figured out this question,

In my opinion an Oblique line and a diagonal are both similar to each other because
A Diagonal line joins a two non-adjacent vertice's of a polygon

An Oblique line of symmetry is a slanted line rather then horizontal or vertical.


After Mr. Baké told us it was homework he handed out our tests back and reviewed over all the questions on the Symmetry test so here are the answers if u guys didn't know:

1. In the figure, the dashed line represents:

C.An oblique line of symmetry

2. In the design below, the dashed line represents:

A. A horizontal line of symmetry

3.What is the angle of rotation in the figure?

B. 60 degrees

4. The image shown below is the flag of Canada. The flag shows:
D. A vertical line of symmetry

5. The design has rotation symmetry. What is the angle of rotation of the design?

A. 15 degrees because it has 24 points divide 360 by 24 and you get 15 degrees.

6.The following figure demonstrates a picture with Q's that are differently placed:

B. It has a lack of symmetry

7. Figure 2 results from:
A. It is a reflection of Figure 1 about the y-axis

8. How many lines of symmetry does the figure have?

D. 6 because it is an octagon

9. The word bid is an example of a word:

This question got really confusing when people did there test because a lot of people thought the word bid was gonna be a defining word but it was wrong, it is a part of line symmetry and the line symmetry it has is with a vertical line of symmetry.

10.What is the order of rotation for the figure?

D. 6, because it has 6 sides

11. What type of symmetry is shown by the playing card?
C. It only has rotation symmetry

12. The playing card shows an example of
B. it also has rotation symmetry

13. Oblique line of symmetry
14.Vertical line of symmetry
15.Line of reflection or Line of symmetry
16.Mirror Line
17.Horizontal line of symmetry

19. The half figure of your shape has lines of symmetry , a vertical line of symmetry, horizontal line of symmetry, oblique line of symmetry, and Rotation Symmetry

20. You were suppose to rotate your image using the origin as the rotation center 180 degrees.
Also stating the coordinates of the rotated points.

So as for now here are the coordinates for u guys to make the shape :)

A (8,6) turns into (-8,-6) D (7,3) turns into (-7,-3)
B (2,8) turns into (-2,-8) E (7,5) turns into (-7,-5)
C (5,3) turns into (-5,3) F (8,5) turns into (-8,-5)


So after we reviewed our Symmetry test mostly everyone started to talk and chat and some did their work but homework was the Show you know on Pages 29-31 and including the Check Your Understanding

And also play:

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kenneth's Scribepost for September 28

Hi guys, Today In Math class Day 4 Period 1, Mr.Backe showed us a formula for a cube.
The Formula for the Area of a Cube is 6s (squared).
Mr.Backe also wanted to tell us how we are going to find the Surface Area of a cylinder.

So We talked to each other about what the formula is, and the Surface Area for the cylinder was
S.A. Cylinder: 2 pie r (squared) + 2 pie r (height).

On the Board Mr.Backe used an isometric grid and was drawing a shape like this:
and he was putting numbers on the shape like this:

He also said that "How do I find the answer for x"
then mr.backe gave us the answer or actually we went along with him I think so that we get the answer together. And the answer Is:

Same thing for Y and eventually we followed Backe and got the answer together or so I think.
Anyways the answer was:
I want uhh umm uhhhh <.<>.> uhhh Deniel For next scribe
Tell me If I missed anything xD

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surface Area Scribe Post

Hi everyone. On Friday our test was canceled so we learned about finding the surface area of a Rectangular prism, which has length, width, as well as height.

Now. Here is a rectangular Prism, with some random numbers. Today the unit I am going to use is centimeters.

The length is 2 cm, the width is 5cm, and the height is 3 cm.

Formula: 2(lw)+2(lh)+2(wh)
2(2cm x 5cm) = 20, 2(2cm x 3cm) = 12, 2(5cm x 3cm) = 30cm
20+12+30 = 62
Our surface area is 62 cm2

If my answer is wrong, please correct me. Basically, all I did was follow the formula. Thanks for reading. And don't forget to study for the test we have on symmetry tomorrow.

Person I am choosing to scribe next: KENNY

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Celdrick's Scribepost For September 23

Today in class, we played the card game for atleast 5 minutes and we did multiplying.
After that we had to figure out what was the order of rotation of a cube. Most of us said that the rotation of a cube has 4,8,16, and 24. One of the answer is right but we just didn't know how to explain it. So when Mr.B told us the answer...we all figured out how the answer is 8. So I'm gonna show you how its 8.

You can rotate the cube going to the right.So the cube can be rotated 4 times.

Then we have to rotate 4 times going up.

So 4+4=8 but we don't really know if we can rotate it in a different way...

Next...we had to figure out how many lines of symmetry there are in a cube. The answer is 12 and I'll show you how we got it. Since there's 4 lines of symmetries in a square...all you have to do is multiply it by 3 because of the front and back (1st group) the sides (2nd group) and top and bottom (3rd group) so there are 12 lines of symmetries in a cube.

The last thing we did was to figure out the surface area of a cube.
The formula is bxhx6.
The net was something like this.

All sides are 3 cm because all sides are equal.

So the answer is:

Sorry my computer won't let me add colour so yea....hope you liked it and don't forget your homework......

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harvey's scribepost for September 21, 2010 5:30PM

Today for math class we went to the computer lab. What we did was go on the web site Tutpup is a website where you can play fun math games against other people from all around the world. If you missed class and want to play, here's what you have to do:

Click on this:

Then you get to this screen:

Just fill out the form, putting your real year of birth and country, and telling us your password on the comments, then you see the question: "Do you have a class code?" Check yes. You'll be seeing a new bit, which should look like this:

For the Class Code, type: "spmath906" without quotes. Then click join now and you should get a confirmation that you joined successfully. So click the tutpup logo to return to the homepage, and pick a category to start playing!

One last image to show you how fun this thing is:

I pick Celdrick to do the next scribepost.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Alex`s Blog Post

In math class today, we learned Rotation Symmetry. We learned the center of rotation, order of rotation, and the degree of rotation for different shapes.
Ex. If we have a diamond shape like this one, and you want to find the center of rotation, all you do is you find the center of the shape,(it can be any shape)make a dot there, and that is the center of rotation. To find the order of rotation, you can just take a octagonor some other shape and you find out however many sides there is or see how many times you can rotate it according to the sides and that would be the order of rotation so the order of rotation for this shape is 8.
To find the degree of rotation, you can take any shape (but I am going to use a square)and then you find however many sides there is on the shape and then since to rotate a shape or anything all the way around so it ends up the way it started, it is a 360 degree rotation.So to find the degree of rotation, you take the number of sides the shape has, and divide 360 degrees by it and whatever answer you get there, is the degree of rotation for that shape. So for a square, it would be 360 divide by4 which would be 90 so the degree of rotation for a square would be 90 degrees.

In case you missed the homework, it is read pages 16-20, do show you know on pg.17 and 19 and check your understanding on pg. 20, and journal.