Monday, September 20, 2010

Alex`s Blog Post

In math class today, we learned Rotation Symmetry. We learned the center of rotation, order of rotation, and the degree of rotation for different shapes.
Ex. If we have a diamond shape like this one, and you want to find the center of rotation, all you do is you find the center of the shape,(it can be any shape)make a dot there, and that is the center of rotation. To find the order of rotation, you can just take a octagonor some other shape and you find out however many sides there is or see how many times you can rotate it according to the sides and that would be the order of rotation so the order of rotation for this shape is 8.
To find the degree of rotation, you can take any shape (but I am going to use a square)and then you find however many sides there is on the shape and then since to rotate a shape or anything all the way around so it ends up the way it started, it is a 360 degree rotation.So to find the degree of rotation, you take the number of sides the shape has, and divide 360 degrees by it and whatever answer you get there, is the degree of rotation for that shape. So for a square, it would be 360 divide by4 which would be 90 so the degree of rotation for a square would be 90 degrees.

In case you missed the homework, it is read pages 16-20, do show you know on pg.17 and 19 and check your understanding on pg. 20, and journal.


  1. Very good explanations Alex. And thanks for the homework reminder.

  2. Good Job Alex,

    I like the way you put the important words in different colour. It really stand out! And good explanation of how to do the stuff. Good job!

  3. :) nice post alex i liked how u added so many details on the "rotation of symmetry" and also i liked how u added the 3 parts for rotation symmetry and also u added the homework reminder !