Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surface Area Scribe Post

Hi everyone. On Friday our test was canceled so we learned about finding the surface area of a Rectangular prism, which has length, width, as well as height.

Now. Here is a rectangular Prism, with some random numbers. Today the unit I am going to use is centimeters.

The length is 2 cm, the width is 5cm, and the height is 3 cm.

Formula: 2(lw)+2(lh)+2(wh)
2(2cm x 5cm) = 20, 2(2cm x 3cm) = 12, 2(5cm x 3cm) = 30cm
20+12+30 = 62
Our surface area is 62 cm2

If my answer is wrong, please correct me. Basically, all I did was follow the formula. Thanks for reading. And don't forget to study for the test we have on symmetry tomorrow.

Person I am choosing to scribe next: KENNY


  1. Do the scribepost earlier next time, it helps.

  2. as harvey said make the post earlier and also ur diagram with the rectangular prism the numbers i cant see but nice explianation with ur formula but make ur post alittle better so it could be a real scribe

  3. If you cannot see the image click it. A bigger version will be generated.