Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kenneth's Scribepost for September 28

Hi guys, Today In Math class Day 4 Period 1, Mr.Backe showed us a formula for a cube.
The Formula for the Area of a Cube is 6s (squared).
Mr.Backe also wanted to tell us how we are going to find the Surface Area of a cylinder.

So We talked to each other about what the formula is, and the Surface Area for the cylinder was
S.A. Cylinder: 2 pie r (squared) + 2 pie r (height).

On the Board Mr.Backe used an isometric grid and was drawing a shape like this:
and he was putting numbers on the shape like this:

He also said that "How do I find the answer for x"
then mr.backe gave us the answer or actually we went along with him I think so that we get the answer together. And the answer Is:

Same thing for Y and eventually we followed Backe and got the answer together or so I think.
Anyways the answer was:
I want uhh umm uhhhh <.<>.> uhhh Deniel For next scribe
Tell me If I missed anything xD

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  1. Nice scribe post ken, I liked how u put diagrams and examples for each of these pictures u also put info about the y and the x and how u found them but anyway good post :)