Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harvey's scribepost for September 21, 2010 5:30PM

Today for math class we went to the computer lab. What we did was go on the web site tutpup.com. Tutpup is a website where you can play fun math games against other people from all around the world. If you missed class and want to play, here's what you have to do:

Click on this:

Then you get to this screen:

Just fill out the form, putting your real year of birth and country, and telling us your password on the comments, then you see the question: "Do you have a class code?" Check yes. You'll be seeing a new bit, which should look like this:

For the Class Code, type: "spmath906" without quotes. Then click join now and you should get a confirmation that you joined successfully. So click the tutpup logo to return to the homepage, and pick a category to start playing!

One last image to show you how fun this thing is:

I pick Celdrick to do the next scribepost.


  1. GOOD JOB HARVEY!!! I like how you put each picture on what we had to do in tutpup. Good job again. :)

  2. Great Job Harvey! Everything that we did is posted...... but you could have added what we have for homework and to study for the integer test....overall....it's a really cool blog..and thanks for picking me to do the next scribepost!!!!! :)

  3. good job harvey :D ! I enjoyed how you put pictures and told us the intructions and how to get to the website . very good job !

  4. Good job explaining how everything worked Harvey! Thanks.

  5. Good job Harvey!! Good job on explaining the steps to get signed in and good pictures.Very nice job.

  6. Good Job harvey! Nice pictures and telling us how to sign up! Also, a lot of information which is good! (Y) Good job!

  7. Good job harvey liked how u added all the pictures and how u can play on tutpup and has info but anyway good post !