Thursday, September 23, 2010

Celdrick's Scribepost For September 23

Today in class, we played the card game for atleast 5 minutes and we did multiplying.
After that we had to figure out what was the order of rotation of a cube. Most of us said that the rotation of a cube has 4,8,16, and 24. One of the answer is right but we just didn't know how to explain it. So when Mr.B told us the answer...we all figured out how the answer is 8. So I'm gonna show you how its 8.

You can rotate the cube going to the right.So the cube can be rotated 4 times.

Then we have to rotate 4 times going up.

So 4+4=8 but we don't really know if we can rotate it in a different way...

Next...we had to figure out how many lines of symmetry there are in a cube. The answer is 12 and I'll show you how we got it. Since there's 4 lines of symmetries in a square...all you have to do is multiply it by 3 because of the front and back (1st group) the sides (2nd group) and top and bottom (3rd group) so there are 12 lines of symmetries in a cube.

The last thing we did was to figure out the surface area of a cube.
The formula is bxhx6.
The net was something like this.

All sides are 3 cm because all sides are equal.

So the answer is:

Sorry my computer won't let me add colour so yea....hope you liked it and don't forget your homework......

The next person I choose to do the scribe is.ASHAM......


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  1. :) nice post Celdrick haha liked how u told about the cube being the answer 12 because of the line symmetry and nice example of the net that u added in but anyway good post!

  2. Isn't the formula 6 x side squared?