Monday, October 4, 2010

John's Scribe Post Part 2

So the second part is the cylinder on page 31 were we had to calculate the area so in the picture below shows you the Diameter and radius:
This is what the cylinder looks like spread out, this is the out side of the cylinder.

This is the inside of the cylinder.

Then Mr.Backe wrote this down 

2(pie r² big-pie r² small)

 2(pie 10² - pie 5²)

                                                                                  2(pie 5²)

                                                                                  = 157.1

so thats it I think if anything is wrong tell me because I have to fix it.

Homework is TUTPUP, Apply and Practise 4-9 

-Johnand I pick Paulo for the next scribepost.

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