Monday, October 18, 2010

Kisha's Scibepost for October 18th

Today in math class, Mr. Backe gave us a yellow booklet with decimal work sheets. He assigned pages 1 and 2. The first page is addition, and the second page is subtraction. You're not aloud to use your calculator. If you can't do one of the questions mentally, do it on graph paper. Make sure to line up the decimals!



We also made boxes on a big sheet of paper. One side looked like this:

On the other side of paper it looked like this:

For the next scribe I pick.... KRYSTAL!

Good luck... !


Make sure to have finished:

  • Chapter Warm-up 2

  • Get Ready (homework book)

  • All SYK in 2.1

  • Everything in 2.1 except extend.

  • First two pages of the decimal worksheets!

Don't you just love math? :)

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  1. GOOD JOB! Your scribepost had a lot of information about what we did on this day. Good explain on everything and I liked how you put pictures to show what the thing was. :)