Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello fellow classmates, this the blog for January 20, 2011.

As you know we received an assignment on making charts for the outrageous flower costs. We did these charts and realised that something was wrong. The rate seemed to go down like a slope instead of going up.This was called a negative slope. Negative Slope refers to a mathematical formula rise. Y going up and x going across.
(0,10) (8,2)
x, y x, y going down by 2 and moving to the right by 1. so this would make -2 divided by 1. -2. So the negative slope is -2.

Next we learned about the equation y=m x + b
m being a slope, and b the intercept of when the rate Finally wher y intercepts the origin.( 0 ).

Here is the rest of the work we did: y = 5 over 2 (x) + 20
y= 5 over 2 (1)
2 y =5x 37
2y = 32 -5x
2y = 37 - 5 (1)

2y over 2 32 over 2 y = 16

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