Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alex`s scrbe Post for January 26/10

For Math today, we got a few problems to do.
1.A banquet hall charges $100 for the hall and $20 per person for dinner.
(a) Create an equation to model the relation
This equation would be c=100+20p because there is $100 plus the $20 and p is for people.
(b) Complete the table of values
After it is completed it should look like this because when you use the equation, depending on the number of people, you multiply however many people there are in the column at the end of the equation to get the total cost
(c) Graph the relation

This is the first graph before I graphed.

This is the graph once I have graphed the points from the table.
(d) use the graph to determine the cost of 22 guests.

I put points in between 20 and 25 to get to 22 and then I made a line going up to the line that connects all of the points, and then I made the line go to the left to see the total cost of 22 guests which is $540.
(e) Verify your answer to (c) by using the equation to calculate the cost of 22 guests.
(f)How many guests could you pay for with $1100?Use extrapolation or the equation to arrive at your answer.
We are going to use extrapolation, the equation, and a chart the show the answer.
First, we will use the equation.
Second, we will use the table.

And third, we will use extrapolation.
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It shows that 50 people would equal $1100 by following the bold line.
The homework is read pages 220-225, cyu#1, practise c/e, apply any four, extend any 1, and do 6.2 in the homework book.
Sorry that the graphs are not just like the ones in the worksheet.
The next scribe is Kenneth

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