Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kenneth's Scribepost for November 4, 2010

Mr.Backe Assigned to me #19 pg53 of 2.1 fo
r scribe so yea I got the easy one.

Anyways I'm going to show you the answers for #19 (For those who either did or didn't do their homework) as well as the questions I'm about to show you.

Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers

19. The table includes the melting points and boiling points of six elements known as the noble gases.

a)Which noble gases have a melting point that is less than the melting point of argon?
Whats less than the melting point of argon
is Helium and Neon

b)Which noble gases have a boiling point that is greater than the boiling point of krypton?
What's greater than the boiling point of krypton is Radan and Xenon

c) Arrange the melting points in ascending order.
-272.2, -248.67, -189.2, -156.6, -111.9, -71.0

d)Arrange the boiling points in descending order.
-61.8, -107.1, -152.3, -185.7, -245.92, -268.6

If I got any Errors Please Correct me by commenting xD and sorry for not putting coloring in because it wont let me -_- and yea I don't know how to make my picture big

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  1. Good job kenneth. I dont think you got anything wrong. Oh and I don't really liked how your picture is small and is hard to see. Plus, you should've put colour to make words stand out more but I know you couldn't. Also, you should've reminded everyone to play tutpup everyday. Ok. GOOD JOB.