Sunday, November 7, 2010

John's Scribe Post For November 4th, 2010

Hey guys

Last class Mr.Backe assigned me question 24 in section 2.1 page 58.

Question: Give an example of a fraction in lowest terms that satisfies the following conditions.

A) Greater then 0, with the denominator greater than the numerator.

Answers: 1/3 or 2/5

B) Between 0 and -1, with the denominator less then the numerator.

Answer: for this answer I had a really hard time with so I looked at the back of the book. 3/-4

C) Less than -2, with the numerator less than the denominator.

Answer: -8/4

D) Between -1.2 and -1.3, with the numerator than the denominator.

Answer: 4/-3.

If anyone can explain question B it would help and if I got anything wrong tell me.


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