Thursday, December 9, 2010

Raquel's Scribepost for December 9th

Today in math class, we learned about Similar Triangles.
We learned terms like congruent. Congruent has a symbol that looks like:

Congruent means, Identical in shape and size.

We also learned the term similar. Similar al
so has a sign which looks like:
Triangles are similar if:
  • Two pairs of corresponding angles are congruent
  • Three pairs of corresponding sides are proportional
- Each vertex is a upper case letter and the opposite is a lower case letter.

A formula that you can use is:



That`s pretty much it for what we did in math class. Tell me if I forgot anything and please leave a comment if you actually go on here and read it and if you can`t see the picture just click on it.
- Raquel. :)

-go to
-read similar and congruent triangles
-apply and practise. Odd or even.

NOOOOOW, I`m done and sorry I know i posted it up late. :S

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